Get peace of mind with customized maintenance programs

Think of the last time you experienced a problem with your garage door, whether it be in your home or at a commercial facility. Did a spring pop? Did the door come crashing down? Did the door refuse to open?

All of these problems and more can be prevented with our professional garage door maintenance.

What we can do for you

Our professional maintenance can help prevent all these problems and more:

  • Off-Track Doors – A door can become off-track for several reasons and a few of them may be preventable such as slack in a cable, loose hinges or loose track bolt.

  • Broken Springs –  You can extend the life of your current springs. All garage door springs will break at some point and friction is the enemy of a garage door torsion spring.

  • Noisy Doors – Trying to leave for work in the early morning hours and wake your entire family because of a loud and noisy door? Lubrication of all moving parts and that may be all that is needed but the noise may also be telling you that something more serious needs attention. 

  • Battery Failures – Not always changing garage door opener batteries is on your list of priorities. The cause for some major door breakdowns can sometimes be a simple battery change.

  • Weather Stripping - Winter approaching and have a heated garage? We make sure it is ready more energy efficient.

These items are covered in all our maintenance programs. By properly maintaining you door, you can avoid garage door repairgarage door opener repair and other expenses.

Custom Wood Door Refinishing and Maintenance

Do you have wood doors? Have a look at our refinishing services.

We will create the plan that is right for you

Garage Door Masters will work with you. Everyone has different needs and preferences, and we will customize your plan for your needs. Book a free visit online