Garage Door Repairs


We are a company that understands the needs of our customers.

Your garage door is the largest moving piece of your home and has many key functions to perform, being safety, security and curb appeal of your home the most prominent ones. 

If failure occurs you cannot risk someone being hurt or your home being vulnerable to theft.

At Garage Door Masters we know how frustrating can be when you experience a failure in your garage door.

Our experienced, highly trained and certified technicians are ready to get you up and running as fast as possible.

  • Broken or stretched springs

  • Loose, frayed, or broken cables and wires

  • Cracked, bent, or broken rollers

  • Issues with door weight balance

  • Unresolved door opener problems

Your first line of defense is a video call with one of our technicians, the call is free and we will be able to assess how how big is the problem and guide you through the next steps. For your convenience you can book this call through our website.     Book free video call now.

It is also frequent when the problem is evident, like broken springs, jammed chain, broken or jammed cable, opener not working, etc. in these cases you know that you need a technician onsite as soon as possible.

For your convenience you can book a technician online through our website.


There is NO SERVICE CALL FEE, we will inspect and diagnose the problem and inform you of the cost of the repair before proceeding. Ask us about flexible payment terms.

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