Garage Door Weather Stripping

If your garage is feeling colder than it should be, or if you discover puddles after it rains or snows, it could be a great time to replace your weather stripping, specially if you have a heated garage.


We can replace your faulty weather seal immediately to avoid further deterioration and also waste of money.

Since garage doors are not often changed, a great deal of stresses is imposed into them by rough weather in Calgary.

Not all elements are as rugged as steel and wooden parts, hence weather seals may get damaged quickly. Weather seals usually need to be replaced earlier than those metallic elements.

Vinyl rubber is best substance for weather seals as it may successfully insulate your garage from extreme weather conditions notably rain and snow.

Additionally they perform a nice job of keeping bugs and pests out of your garage and eventually making it into your home.

After successfully protecting your garage for several years, the weather stripping ordinarily starts to reveal some indications of defect. If the seals no longer can serve its function, replacement is required.

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