Custom Garage Wood Door Refinishing and Maintenance

Custom garage wood doors should reflect the style of your home and personality. They are meant to be a extension of your beautiful home. 

Often builders have arrangements with wood garage door companies where the only requirements are that it has to be wood and it has to be cheap.

To bring down costs, some doors are not properly sealed when installed, as a consequence they fade, crack and make your home look tired and worn.

It is not that unusual for a builder wood door after 4 years on sun and weather to be cracked, dull and color run down.

Refinishing Process

The process begins by removing old coatings from the surface, attempting to save a finish that is failing compromises the look and integrity of a new coating, this can be done by sanding or by using a light chemical remover.

The wood has to be carefully sanded to expose fresh new smooth raw surfaces.

Extra special attention will be given to keep the integrity of carvings and molding.

The wood will be stained/sealed in a color of your choice or to match what was previously applied.

The final step is the application of the clear coat 3 or 4 layers.

In some cases, when weather is too cold or humid the door will be removed and transported to our shop, in which case a temporary door will be installed.


If working onsite all work areas, glass, finials, and hardware will be meticulously protected and taped off during the refinishing process.


The best way to keep your door in perfect condition and protect your investment is by applying protective coatings to slow down the effects of weathering process. We do that with planned maintenance.

We will formulate a plan schedule according to Calgary's climate and exposure your door receives.  Maintenance consist of wiping the surface clean to remove dust and debris, then the door is lightly sanded so that the maintenance coat will bond and adhere.

The surfaces will receive one layer of clear coat. This technique will keep a strong and fresh coating on your garage door all the time.

Planned maintenance will keep the surfaces from ever needing a full garage door refinishing.

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